Configuring a Buggy Cent-a-Meter

I recently got a free Cent-a-Meter from the City of Sydney as part of their Household Energy Consumption Trial. It's a great little device that displays instantaneous energy consumption. It's essentially like a little portable electricity meter that gives you a live view of your consumption with various views based on cost / greenhouse gas emissions / raw Wattage / etc.

The device came pre-configured from the City of Sydney, but when I had to change the time due to the Daylight Savings change, it lost all its settings and then wouldn't let me program any of the settings - they simply wouldn't "save" to memory. Instead it just kept reverting to the default settings. I followed the instructions verbatim, but the settings simply didn't stick.
Annoyed, I kept playing with it until I found a solution. Apparently, it doesn't like it when you change too many settings at one time. Instead, if you change 1 setting at a time, go through the full menu (using the MODE button to reach the END of each section and hitting SET) and save, then it will stick. This makes it HIGHLY cumbersome to re-program, hopefully the manufacturer will fix this in future versions.

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