Hungarian Gypsy Music in the Jenolan Caves

This weekend we went out to the Jenolan Caves to listen to a Gypsy Music concert by Georg Mertens / The Paganini Duo in the Cathedral Chamber of the Lucas Cave.
The ambiance and acoustics of the cave make it a unique and impressive place to attend an "unplugged" concert. Thanks to the inherent acoustics of the natural limestone formations, there is no need for any sort of amplification equipment at all. As a fan of Eastern European Gypsy music, I was really blown away.

If Gypsy music isn't your thing, they also hold other concerts there as well - just visit the Jenolan Caves web site and click on Concerts.

The caves are a 3 hour drive from downtown Sydney, so such a trip can form part of a nice weekend getaway or a long day-trip, but in either case, it's definitely worth it. To save you the trip, you can click here for a YouTube version of the concert (taken by someone else).

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