Free Value Stream Mapping Symbols

Long story short - just just click here to get them.

A few years ago I created a free Harvey Balls font which today is the top viewed page on my site. Packaging non-alphabet graphics into a TrueType Font isn't new, but I think what people like about the Harvey Balls font (other than its price) is that the Harvey Balls are mapped to numbers on the keyboard. This makes it easy to remember how to place any type of Harvey Ball into a document.

Recently I've been looking into Value Stream Mapping (a.k.a. VSM) for a project at work and on the surface VSM seems to lend itself to a graphical font. While there seems to be some debate as to the effectiveness of using software tools, I thought I'd knock together a set of VSM symbols into a font to try it out.

So, if you're interested, just click here to get it. Clicking through to the page, you'll also find the keyboard map which lets you easily produce any of these symbols with a standard keyboard (no need to use the Character Map utility to hunt through the non-typable characters). The other benefit of having these symbols as a font is that you can use it with any software (Powerpoint / Excel / Etc.) on any platform (Mac / PC / Linux / Etc.) that can render TrueType Fonts.

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  1. Easy instructions-thanks!You helped me so much and saved my time.
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