Fuel Economy Conversion Table - MPG / l/100km

Having lived in the U.S. for the first 10 years of my driving career, I've become accustomed to thinking of fuel economy in terms of MPG (miles per gallon). Although I have been living and driving outside of the U.S. for more than 10 years I still have MPG stuck in my head. My cars now all indicate l/100km which is probably a better measure, but I still like to sometimes do a quick conversion to MPG. Our latest car is a Diesel and sometimes I'm up for a bit of hypermiling when I've got the whole family in the car and I don't want to listen to my wife complain about speeding. There are tons of online / offline / mobile ways of converting between mpg and l/100km, but sometimes the easiest way is to just have a table to look at.

From a quick Googling exercise, nobody seems to have made available an easy conversion table, so I cooked one up.

Click Here for a PDF file that you can print out and have handy in the car.

I've zoomed in to the particular range that I'm interested in (this is what I generally get with my car). If you have a gas guzzler or some fancy new eco wonder, here is the Excel file so you can modify the chart and make your own. Just set the axes you want, the underlying data is already in the spreadsheet.

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