Can't verify your domain on Google Apps? Try logging out.

There is a maddening bug in the Google Apps administration panel that I thought was caused by a bad implementation of their move from CNAME to TXT validation. It took me quite a while to solve until I saw a post from KrisThurston here:

Essentially, Google Apps will show that your domain is verified, but then keep asking you to re-verify it (even though it says it's verified). This also means that you can't use it with Google Apps (for example for mail).

The solution, as KrisThurston points out is to ensure that you are completely logged out of any other account you have with Google. The best way to do this is to actually just open up a different browser (using Firefox? then open Safari, or IE (or Opera or whatever)). Once I did this, I noticed that it asked me to validate with a different TXT code, but then it all worked. Thanks KrisThurston!

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